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Mom , I'm going to Colege

Amadou Diallo came to America in September 1998 right after his 22nd birthday , with a dream to work hard and pay his way to college education! On February 4th 1999 , after a long hard working day , that dream was cut short . Amadou came home that night four undercover NYPD officers killed him in his own vestibule - Later the officers claimed that Amadou look like someone they were looking for ; despite the fact that Amadou had no criminal record and Amadou was unarmed and he lived there , the officers fired 41 shots at Amadou.

Amadou died before achieving his dream; the last words he told his mother was " Mom, I'm going to college"

With your support, Amadou's dream will live on . By investing in the Amadou Diallo scholarship fund , other underprivileged young students will go to college in Amadou's memory..

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